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Looking for a user-friendly new website? Or some extra marketing support to create and send your newsletters with the desired regularity?

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A (new) website with content

Traditionally, you receive an “empty” technical box from web builders. You have a website, but you still have to fill it yourself with relevant content. A job that quickly turns out to be just as extensive as building the website itself.

KoomBana Bay not only creates websites, we also provide relevant content.

Today, content is actually the most important part of your website, especially for an inspiration site. What do you put in your digital display case? How do you organize your digital store shelves? And how can you add and publish ongoing content?

Generate traffic

After having a digital display window, generating traffic is the biggest challenge.

We don’t just fill your website, we keep it constantly up to date with content that matters. Since we work closely with most leading travel providers, we also have access to recent information.

For example, we provide detailed landing pages with dedicated topics. By linking from your newsletter, we ensure returning visitors.

We are also happy to help you with appropriate storytelling for your blog posts.

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Copywriting & SEO

As a specialist in content creation and our years of experience with digital content management, we can offer two birds with one stone thanks to the open source possibilities that WordPress offers in combination with, among others, MailChimp and Facebook.

Email newsletters and social media

Hire us as an extension of your team. We ensure that your newsletters are sent out regularly. We also immediately update your website and activate your social media channels. In short, hands-on e-marketing support to the rhythm with which you actually want to communicate. This way you can spend your time with your customers.

Some customers for whom we already made websites

Curious about the best approach for you?

We are happy to find out together with you.

Our tools


When it comes to website hosting, we are a recognized reseller of Combell, also a Ghent company, the absolute market leader in hosting services in the Benelux and the best 24/7 support available. This way we can offer you a perfectly functioning web infrastructure with peace of mind, which grows with the needs of your company.