OpVakantie! , powerfull co-marketing solution for tourism

OnVacation! helps independent travel agents, (niche) tour operators and tourist boards, cruise lines, hotels, airlines, … to inspire holiday makers proactively for their next trip. This by offering ready-made communication tools with original and inspiring content.

Among others, these partners are convinced that OpVakantie! is a powerful marketing solution.

"OpVakantie!" is much more than just a magazine.

It is an all-inclusive marketing and communication solution for tourism.

About OpVakantie!

“OpVakantie!” is a co-marketing solution that helps both independent travel agents and travel providers to attract more travelers by joining forces. The idea is that together, you can achieve more.

OnVacation!  for travel providers

Make quality travelers dream of your offer

Cost-efficient thanks to joining forces

Distributed through leading travel agents

Content for newsletter campaigns & websites

Your travel offer in the spotlight with quality travelers via leading travel agencies?

Contact us. We are happy to discuss together how OnVacation! can best help you.

These travel providers were already in the spotlight at leading travel agencies, spread across Belgium:

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OnVacation!  for travel agencies

Give customers ideas for their next trip

Affordable thanks to joining forces

Personalized for your travel agency

Content for your newsletter, social media & website

A few travel agencies that got their own affordable magazine as a content marketing tool thanks to OnVacation!

Still not sure whether OnVacation! is something for your travel brand?

Contact us. We are happy to discuss together how OnVacation! can help you.

Content marketing: sustainable marketing for your travel company

1. You create trust

A well-written travel report radiates sincerity and reliability. The principle is simple: whoever reads your report or brochure with tips, inspiration and other information, gains confidence from your travel advice.

Content marketing such as regularly publishing new travel reports on your blog or website increases your authority and credibility as a travel expert. When you advise or recommend something as an expert in the field, customers will follow more easily. You can read more in detail here.

2. You rank higher in search engines

Filling your website with relevant content is one of the best SEO tips. Blogging can indirectly draw visitors to your website. And you can end up much higher in the search results of search engines like Google. When your articles are shared on other sites, Google also sees that you are important.

Last but not least, when Google indexes your posts, it can better estimate what your business is doing. This way your travel company will be linked to the right searches even faster.

3. You get more requests

Building on the two previous points, if you and your company are known as experts, more people will ask about your expertise. They rely on you as a travel professional and specialist of certain destinations, travel formulas…

Quality content that people identify with is the most important. So that you get more name recognition. And people automatically think of you when they need the services you offer. But also: more visitors to your website, more requests, more sales.

Would you like to participate in this unique collaboration project?

OpVakantie! can help you communicate your offer as a holiday provider, very focused to the end customer in an attractive, affordable way.

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