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Ready-made communication tool or a tailor-made marketing solution? We help independent travel agents, (niche) tour operators and tourist boards, cruise lines, hotels, airlines, … to inspire holiday makers proactively for their next trip.

Belgium might look small at first glance … 

  • But Belgium is a very qualitative source market
  • Belgian families are among the wealthiest in Europe
  • And even become richer and richer

That’s why Belgian travelers are number 1 in Europe for average holiday expenditures. We create smart local marketing to connect you with Belgian travelers. Learn how KoomBana Bay can help you reach the Belgian market »

We thoroughly believe in joining forces, resources and expertise


What plans do you have? We are happy to help realize them.

You can count on the best suppliers and a team of experts. Even though we work in a global world, we strongly believe in joining expertise and forces with the most qualitative local talents and partners.

Some of our partners & customers

What marketing plans do you have?

  • Strategical (re)thinking?
  • Launch a new product line?

As an experienced communication architect we can help you draw a future-oriented action plan. We have developed a 3-step methodology that has been recognized by both Flanders DC and the SME portfolio. 

  • Send out newsletters?
  • An affordable new website?

Call on us as an extension of your team. We sent out your newsletters regularly. We also immediately update or renew your website and activate your social media. In short, relevant hands-on e-marketing support to the pace that you want.

  • How do you attract attention?
  • What do you give to customers?

The digital is of course indispensable, but tangible communication still has its proven benefits. Even more and more. Customers appreciate the mix of mutually reinforcing on- and offline communication.