French Secretary of State for Tourism identifies Belgians as most spending tourists

On Monday June 15, France, the number 1 holiday destination of the world, opened its borders again for foreign tourists. French Secretary of State for Tourism, Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, chose the reopening of the border with the ‘tiny’ Belgium to inaugurate personally. His presence was no coincidence, he even had an important reason to attend. Of all European tourists, Belgians spend the most on their holidays.

Axel De Corte

Jun 16, 2020

Reading time: 2 minutes


On the symbolic reopening, the French Secretary of State declared the following: “Our Belgian friends spend the most of all when visiting us. In number of nights they come in third place, after the British and the Germans, but in terms of expenditure they are generous. That is why we are very committed to their loyalty, which is mutual.”

Watch the video below for his statement in the Flemish news broadcast. (excerpt from ‘Het Journaal’ by VRT NWS on June 15, 13h00).

(excerpt from 'Het Journaal' by VRT NWS on June 15, 13h00)

Although Belgium (and the Netherlands) might look small at first glance, they are a very interesting mature source markets. Call on us to discover the potential marketing options to attract the most spending travellers from Europe.

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