Marketing Advice for Travel companies and organisations

Clarifying and useful advice for the strategic marketing of your travel company

Call on KoomBana Bay to discover the marketing options to attract the most spending travelers from Europe. Roll out your communication in Dutch, the language of about 25 million potential travelers. Turn your marketing strategy into an effective campaigns. 

These customers grew their business because we helped them with professional marketing and communication advice

Get results with our round table method

We developed a round table method to assist you with a market analysis that gives you  a clear view on the potential marketing options and stakeholders to cooperate with.

The result is an action plan to promote your destination/services and to create goodwill with Belgian/Dutch trade that’s involved in selling your product.

Find out what significant results we achieved with this method

Attract niche markets

If you’re looking for mature markets, we can assist you to develop a targeted field action plan to attract specific niches. Looking for cyclists? Surfers? Hikers? Divers? … We know where to find and how to reach them. 

Golf is an interesting way for destinations, hotels, cruise companies … to attract discerning Belgian and Dutch travellers. For many years already we’re organizing golf promotion campaigns.

Interested to give it a try? Join our Tourism Golf Cup.

Need clarifying and useful advice for your strategy?

We would be happy to discuss the best approach for your project together.

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Develop Dutch communication

Roll out your communication in Dutch, the native language of 25 million customers who are among the richest in the world. The Dutch speaking countries in the heart of Europe, Belgium & The Netherlands are very qualitative mature source markets to recruit tourists.

To make it easy, we created a ready to join co-marketing solution.

We can also advise and create a dedicated campaign, magazine and/or website with appealing content adapted to these markets.  

Interested to know what we did for Peru, Spain, Greece, Galeries Lafayette … ?

Officially recognized advisor

Flanders based Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SME) can get financial support for the improvement of their business if they use a recognized service provider. 

We developed a 3 steps method that has been audited by Brand Compliance, an independent audit company and by Flanders DC.  

That’s why KoomBana Bay is an officially recognized and authorized service provider by the Flemish Government for the ‘Advice’ pillar (approval number DV.A219938).

For communication advice, Flanders based SME, can thus receive 20 to 30% of our invoice financed by the Flemish Government, this can be up to EUR 7,500 per year.

Brand identity & repositioning

Brand identity, positioning and repositioning is relevant for all companies and destinations. Especially if you want to become more visible in new niches, tackle stereotype images or emphasize your distinctive character. There are a lot more attractions than just sun and sea to seduce travellers … 

Together we look for answers to a lot of questions. What target groups do you want to attract? What new segments do you want to develop with your company or destination? 

Depending on your issue, we help you with determining the right strategy and going in the right direction. From a small change to a major makeover.

Wondering what the best approach is for you?