Tourism Golf Cup 2019: More than golf

On Tuesday September 24th 2019 we organized the first Belgian Tourism Golf Cup. With this co-marketing project we created a playing field for tourist boards, hotels and cruise companies to put their offer in the spotlight from a golf perspective and meet Belgian travel organizers and influencers.

Axel De Corte

September 27, 2019

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Are your customers looking for the ideal golf vacation?

The world of travel is becoming increasingly personal. Travelers are therefore more often looking for a vacation that perfectly matches their favorite hobby. Just think of cycling fans who climb Mont Ventoux, or avid surfers who want to face the legendary wave of One Eye in Mauritius.

Very nice project, we definitely want to participate again!

Golf enthusiasts also dream of playing a game on the most beautiful greens in the world. Golf is a fascinating perspective to put a destination in the picture. An interesting way for destinations, hotels, cruise companies … to attract quality Belgian travellers. It can also be a useful starting point for you as a travel organizer to inspire customers.

In close collaboration with Antor Belux, we therefore organized the first edition of Tourism Golf Cup Belgium on Tuesday 24 September 2019. Through this golf event we wanted to create an interesting playing field for tourist services, hotels and shipping companies to meet Belgian golf influencers and tour operators. And with a golf magazine full of inspiring travel tips for 2020, we created a nice extension.

Super initiative in a beautiful setting and with interesting people.

Golf magazine full of insider tips for 2020

Especially for the Belgian Tourism Golf Cup, we created an inspiration magazine with insider tips for golf vacations in 2020. In this way, as a travel organizer – even if you personally have less experience with golfing – you can inspire customers and golf lovers with fun destinations and resorts.

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The day of the golf event itself we could count on 13 sponsors and 13 teams who bravely defied the weather elements. The Belgian rainy weather could not spoil the fun, everyone eagerly entered the terrain. And with sunny destinations among the sponsors, the contrast with the weather couldn’t have been better.

I had already been to the Dominican Republic, but I didn't know it was such a golf mecca. As a golf fanatic, I definitely have to return.

For the golf event itself we opted for Texas Scramble, a team golf variant that is fun for golfers of all levels. Whether you have a high or low handicap.

We can look back on a wide range of participants from occasional golf enthusiasts to diehard players. On the one hand, tourist services, golf resorts and cruise companies. On the other hand, travel professionals who sell golf trips, and golf influencers such as golf pros and famous Flemish people.

Met an interesting selection of golf-loving travel professionals and influencers in one day. Thanks to communication support in advance, I had the ideal opportunity to approach good partners and potential customers well in advance.

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